Tarot of the Crone

Review by Edmund Zebrowski

To know me you, must first know this ~

In the Beginning, as in the End,

There is Nothing

0 - Fool~ Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Tarot of the Crone was first birthed into the world by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. In that ten years, the deck has become one of the few decks that I routinely come back to time after time and within which I continue to find amazement.

Many people talk about ‘desert island decks’, the decks you bring when you are all alone with nothing to do but ponder cards. Many choose decks of heavy occult symbolism or ones with every square inch of space packed with imagery. While these might be fine to feed one’s intellect, I personally want a deck that can also feed my soul. This is one such deck.

While Ellen has done several decks of note since the Tarot of the Crone, this will always be her masterwork. True the art is a bit less polished than her later decks, such as the Dark Goddess,  but there is an evocative rawness and depth in this style that has the power to completely hold and transfix one when reading the cards.

Born to reflect all of life and death, the deck has a way of bringing about both pain and suffering, as well as, the ability to bring on profound healing in it’s imagery. The careful use of color and contrast has not shied away from any of the darker corners of life to make this deck such a worthy study.

This new edition of the deck features all black borders and a perfect black backing. It is a very fitting choice given the depths of the deck. The fine satin card stock has just the right amount of glide and along with the fat LWB the deck is housed in the always sturdy two part boxes that we have come to know from Arnell Ando. Take note that the LWB here will be essential to fully understand the depth and deceptively simple art. One could read them with a ‘standard’ view of cards but do yourself a favor: Turn off the phone, lock the door, turn on the sounds of ocean waves and give yourself a desert island experience with the deck sooner rather than later.

I went as far as I could go

Then I went Further

- Ellen Lorenzi-Prince (10 of Wands)

Review by Edmund Zebrowski, creator of
Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand and Day of the Dead Lenormand

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