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Dark Goddess Tarot is the creative vision of Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. Dark speaks to her affinity for the night and the soul, for inner lives and curious powers. Goddess represents her commitment to a personal, feminist expression of spirit. Tarot is a sacred system for communion, divination, and deep communication.
Magician The Dark Goddess Tarot features 78 powerful female figures of magic and mystery, sex and death, sovereignty and shadow.
Star The Minoan Tarot is inspired by the people of ancient Crete, devoted to the Goddess, their land, and their creativity.
Kali Prayer Cards Kali Tarot Prayer Cards are a work of devotion using the Tarot Major Arcana as a framework for a spiritual quest. Each deck is hand-signed by Ellen.
3 of Wands Ellen's original deck, the Tarot of the Crone evokes her deep and primal journey with the ancient holy one.
Justice The Dark Goddess Lodge is a cyber-sanctuary inspired by the dark goddesses. Open to those who seek to serve and to transform.

Dark Goddess Tarot is copyright protected. Card images may be used on blogs/websites as 'Card of the Day' endeavors or for review purposes but must contain the website along with Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. The images are not to form part of written teaching materials or otherwise be used without prior consent from the artist. Thank you for your warm understanding.  
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