Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Review by Janet Berres

Keys of the Crone

Being a tarot collector and having seen many decks in my time, I was quite struck by both the beauty and simplicity of the Tarot of the Crone. The deck’s artwork is both primeval and intense.

The strong colors and bold imagery reflect what it means to be a Crone, the name given to a woman when she is in the last phase of her life and past her child bearing years.

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince says “The Crone is the ancient holy one.” But those words don’t reflect our current values, where old women are made invisible and shunned in our society—a society that worships youth, especially youth in women.

This tarot deck proves differently, however!

The Crone is portrayed in this deck as a woman of power and a woman of strength. She has depth and passion and wisdom.

The usual court cards Page, Knight Queen and King have become Beast, Witch, Grandmother and Shadow. Four other titles of the Major Arcana have morphed into more fitting names.

The Tarot of the Crone comes in a well made box with cards made of strong cardstock that are easy to use, and is accompanied by an 85 page book that has color illustrations.

The book inspires as it explains the cards, and deeply touches the heart of the reader. Ellen provides the reader with short poems that cut to the heart of the card’s meaning and then expands those thoughts out with sage and practical advise.

For the wise and discerning tarot enthusiast, or for women of any age, this deck is a valuable treasure.

~ Janet Berres, of the illustrious World Tarot Congresses

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