Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Review by Diane Wilkes

Return of the Triple (Crone) Goddess

I met and fell in love with Ellen Lorenzi-Prince at the World Tarot Congress in 2002. I even remember the moment: we were partnered in Tom L Waters’ Antique Tarot workshop and the potent triple charm of her authenticity, wisdom, and humor melted my heart and defenses completely.

She has been a sister of my heart ever since.

At that time, she had almost completed her unique Tarot of the Crone, which she self-published in 2003. I was blessed to receive one of the first copies. You can see read my review of the deck here.

The limited edition, hand-crafted deck sold out quickly and the (intelligent) tarot public clamored for a return. In 2007, Ellen partnered with an independent tarot company and the second version came out and was also quickly snapped up by discerning tarotists. But the Crone had, in effect, disappeared from view (something she does all too well).

In the meantime, the ever-creative and ever-productive Ellen has given us new decks and works of art to love; the two most famous and (relatively) mass-produced are the Dark Goddess Tarot and the Minoan Tarot.

The Dark Goddess Tarot is in its second printing. You can see images from the deck and read my review here.

The Minoan Tarot is not oppositional to the Dark Goddess Tarot, but its hue is of a distinctly brighter nature. We could learn a lot from the ancient Minoan culture, and this deck invites us to incorporate that very evolved mindset into our daily lives. You can see images from and read my review of this deck here.

Meanwhile, people continued to seek the Crone and the Tarot that gives her center stage, and is her center stage. It is my great pleasure to report that Tarot of the Crone has returned in its third incarnation. Published with Arnell Ando, this indie deck is more like the original than its second incarnation. Replacing white borders with black makes a huge difference--the images are more visceral, more accessible for psychic entry. The little white book (lwb) is upgraded with a black cover and multiple color insets. It not only includes the original poems that came with the first version of the deck, but the interpretations that accompanied the second version. Lorenzi-Prince’s personal-but-cohesive numerology and color symbolism are provided, as well.

This is the third Lorenzi-Prince deck published in conjunction with Arnell Ando, and is the kind of quality production that we’ve come to expect: a sturdy black box, a lwb chock-filled with art and insight, flexible-but-substantial card stock, brilliantly-colored, clear images.

Every deck reflects those three qualities I first met in Ellen: authenticity, wisdom, and humor.

So much triplicity here. Three qualities, third version of the deck, and the third deck with Arnell. The magic is immanent.

The magical third edition is available to the public for pre-ordering the often-illusive, elusive Crone. Be sure to engage her before she disappears again.

Review by Diane Wilkes of the Legendary Site, Tarot Passages

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